Monday, October 03, 2005

Quarter Four 2005

Last weekend began quarter four of 2005. Saturday was when a girl named Edna was born. This is Joel and Evelyn's baby. This is our 7th Breakthrough babe.

I spoke about soul satisfaction at our Sunday morning services. It was a joy to pray with a Vietnamese and a Thai who made first time commitments to Christ. An older man came up after the first service and asked me if I was from Sabah. This was a family visiting us for the first time. I said yes as he named my parents. His wife said that I look like my mom. His wife asked for prayer and we prayed together. Later we spoke for a while.

In the afternoon, we had combined leaders rally. We had awards to affirm various people and ministries. The third quarter went astonishingly well. We have had very positive ministry.

We commissioned 17 brand new leaders. I started with thanksgiving and went to share what the Lord reminded me in the week. That we are a global city church and He put us in Singapore for a reason. Many agree the next 50 years is the era of China and India. Singapore is at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. We need to get ready for the Kingdom to break out in Singapore and out into many cities.

Next I spent some time on the importance of the leader's spirit and resulting impartation. This is the capacity to give unto others that which God has given to us. Jesus said we can impart our peace to any house in Luke 10.

When I get into the presence of Godly leaders, I drink wisdom from their constancy of dedication in ministry. When I get around on-fire young leaders, their passion is contagious. These are times I sense my spiritual cobwebs blown out and replaced by new hope and vision to go further with God.

God's Spirit is continually imparting to us everything that belongs to Him. Holiness, honesty, courage, strength and all else we may need. It is God through us. We have God's Spirit within us. God has given us the capacity to impart blessing. You can expect your life to be an impartation to people's hearts.

Then I asked each leader especially each small group leader to get each member united and committed. For us to breakthrough as a church, we need to be united and committed. I asked each small and mid-size group to always start with Breakthrough testimonies every time we gather. We ended with the challenge to "Bring in the harvest. Bring back the glory." Q4 here we come!


Siang said...

Hey Pastor Ben ! Thanks for serving us in Hope ! Jia You with God ! :)

Yueh Siang

yeu@nn said...

Hi Ps Ben, amen, really inspired by what you've wrote. :D Yes, wanna see God's Kingdom extend beyond Singapore to the rest of the world. :D Jesus is faithful, always! :D

Labouring tog wif u in Christ,

bENG in Brisbane said...

Hi Ps Ben,
It's beng from Hope Brisbane. Cool blog. These past 2 days i have been contemplating to write my own blog. After reading yours, it is now sealed. Thank you for sharing your life. A life worth imitating! :)

Tiger said...

Yes, baby Edna, a new addition to Hope
saw the flower basket you sent to them, Pastor Ben.. :)

ben kc lee said...

siang, thanks for serving together

yeu@ann, labouring with you too

beng, glad this helps

tiger, hope edna remembers the gift