Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birthdays & Exams

This is the time of the year for final exams. It's no different for our twins. The unique thing is we celebrate their birthday just before year-end exams.

In fact in October we celebrate Dinah's birthday in the second week, the twin's birthday in third week and Lawrence's birthday just after the third week. Several church staff threw a birthday party for the twins last week. The twins were so thrilled. Any reason to get the (super-busy) staff together is probably a good reason.

Today is our off day. It's also the first day of the twin's exams. We took time to have lunch to celebrate our Aussie pal's birthday. (He's the one with the loud shirt. Just yesterday Lawrence, Claudia and I were having tea with a pastor friend. He actually asked if we were in our twenties or thirties. He's now our best friend.)

After yummy seafood and catch up time, it's off for some revision. This is a strange month.


The Rational Neurotic said...

And when you're all old and grey, like 70, and they are to see your senior citizen's card because they can't believe you're more than 55 already, that'll be your day =)


ben kc lee said...

thanks r/n for saying that we appear 15 years younger then we are

Unknown said...

hi pastor ben!
please wish the twins a HUGE happy birthday for the soh family! thank you! =)

ben kc lee said...

sure thing steph.