Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wife's Birthday

My wife preached on Sunday morning. Then Claudia, Jeff, Pat and Lawrence arranged for a birthday dinner for Dinah at an Italian restaurant at Labrador Park. It was the first time there for all of us. It was quite special. The next day Connie delivered a birthday gift for her at the office.

Then we were off to 2006 planning retreat on Tue and Wed. A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived by courier for my wife on Wed morning (her actual birthday). Our church operations colleagues arranged delivery with a florist. This was a pleasant surprise. About an hour later, they showed up with a cake topped with a candle. Planning stopped and celebrations began. The cake was v good.

Dinah got a long distance call with a birthday greeting. The eventful retreat finally ended in the evening. We dropped off Fenny then we fetched our kids. They had actually bought a 3-stalk rose bouquet with the help of auntie Cara. They dug cash from their piggy bank to pay for it. My wife's sister bought a cake. We had another a mini-celebration.

Today is Thursday. Lawrence and I were panelists at the Missions Summit organised by Love Singapore. Charmaine and Elaine were here as participants. Tonight Christie, Shirley and Mabel are having dinner with Dinah at a French restaurant. The twins and I had an intimate take-away dinner at home. The three of us will celebrate with Dinah next week. In the mean time I am preparing for the sermons this Sunday.

All that said, my wife's birthday this year has been very special.


Tiger said...

Opps. Happy belated birthday P. Diana!! (P. Ben, I'm assuming she reads your blog's comments?)

ben kc lee said...

tiger, my wife says thanks. yes she reads this blog

inbetweenrainbows said...

i represent the whole NP unit to wish Pastor Dinah a very happy belated birthday! We pray that she will continue to have good health and a blessed year ahead! -the triple eyelid member of Hope Church Singapore!

ben kc lee said...

dear done-doodling, i've conveyed your birthday greetings to my wife. she appreciates NP unit for praying. thank you.