Sunday, August 14, 2005

8th Birthday

Tonight was our Filipino service's 8th anniversary. We rested after morning service then we dropped the kids off at Dinah's sister place and made our way here. Dinah went in the front as I made my way to the backstage. Later she recounted how she noticed two guys with an invitation card asking for directions. The person they asked obviously gave them the wrong direction because they walked off in another direction. So Dinah called out to them and then offered to bring them. It turns they arrived in Singapore only 4 days ago, going to start work soon, looking for an apartment, looking for a church and got an invitation card on the street only this afternoon. How amazing. Dinah also got their details for our leaders.

I enjoyed the musical based on Gilbert's life. He has a great life story. The musical was elaborate and a total visual spectacle. Scores of our people have been rehearsing twice weekly since June. The preparation and quality came through. The modern dance item was quite good too. The auditorium was very close to full-house. Filipinos are also very celebratory people, so it was a great atmosphere.

Praise and worship session was one of the best we have participated in here. It was my turn to speak, being my third message of the day. I sensed the affirmation of God's Spirit and of the people. Many people responded to God's Word. We sang Happy Birthday and then worshipped some more. I turned to Christie saying, "This is just excellent". Then it was photo taking all across the auditorium before dinner. What a celebration. My wife and I went off to fetch the kids with great joy in our hearts. Thank you God for your church.

At about midnight I went to the airport to fetch my aunt from Canada. She 'was' my older cousin from dad's side who grew up in our home in Sabah. She was like an older sister to us. Then she met my mom's brother, courted and got married. She 'is' now my aunt. They eventually moved to Canada. I haven't seen her for over 10 years. It was a joy carrying her luggage to our home at that ungodly hour. My body's tired but my heart is rejoicing. (Time to apply what I spoke on Isa 40:27-31 earlier)


Silent Lucidity... said...

Hi Pastor,

your sermon yesterday was indeed impactful and spirit-shaking, oh, i mean soul-searching :)

'Dare to dream again', i hv bought the sermon CD for my pre-believing sister, she attended our church service 2 weeks ago, i hope, the Lord will bring her closer.

ben kc lee said...

dear 'silent lucidity', thanks for the feedback & sure hope the message cd will help your sis forward in her spiritual journey. i totally like your cg breakthrough event at the teahouse

^_^ said...

Hi Ps Ben. Wow your life is so hectic. Would you mind sharing with us what your weekly schedule is like and some tips on how to manage? Is it ok if Ps Dinah posts answers on the same questions on your blog? I'm still learning to manage my life well.

gilbertrgo said...

hi pastor ben,
Happy soaring 8th anniversary to you and Ps it was amazing.this is my second time to attend the anniversary and its a priviledge and very honor to use my life testimony on our anniversary for gods glory.everyday for me is a testimony coz god change me everday as i walk with him.praise god for the breakthrough and revival in our church.your sermon was a great inspiring to all the filipino and they responded to GODS WORD.praise god.To pastor christie and to all my filipino family - The work just begin, lets labor and continue to keep our breakthrough and revival to our GOAL. YES 500 and beyond.

Angela_Auckland said...

hi Ps Ben, here's a reader of your blog all the way in auckland! kudos to you! i enjoy reading about what's happening in the church in s'pore. God bless you and Dinah.

The Recreation Corner said...

Hey Pastor Ben

Your Blog is really POWERFUL... Even attract others from overseas!

Blogging is really a useful tool and vehicle to light His light shine =)

ben kc lee said...

dear o_o/keng suan, you mean "my day" is so hectic. it'd take a long time to write my schedule & tips to manage time. we can talk on sun. or check out the lesson "Managing Your Time" available at church estore. my wife prefers communicating face to face & with the phone. i do get her input whenever she's around

yes gilbert, it was an incredible celebration. everyone had such a great time. i was so impressed that people actually came from the philippines to participate.

dear angela, thanks for taking effort to write here that you're following church events from overseas.

hi andrew, i'm not sure if it's "really POWERFUL" or that it just happens to a bit more real time cf with church website. it sure is a useful tool & vehicle