Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wrapping up

Monday is our last day here. The girls suggest we go to a tea plantation. We started with a long breakfast. We drove to a refreshing tea plantation. The hilly terrain of tea plants was just breathtaking. This is tea like you’ve never seen it. Later we got the girls a nice lunch and nice Italian ice cream.

We spent some time with James in the early afternoon.

Later we spent time praying together. Then my wife packed and I journaled.

We had our last meal dinner together as we wrap up our time here. We showered and travelled to the airport. It was a sad to say good bye. Now was time for the 14 hour flight home incl 2 hour transit. No upgrade this time but the Dubai to Singapore leg was not full so we got seats with ample leg room. As I wrote this blog I just got a thank you email from the girls. They have timed it well, thoughtful as usual. We miss them already.


Hiew Hong Teck said...

Welcome back Ps Ben! Tell us is the grass greener on the other side ?

ben kc lee said...

Hi rags/ht, someone once said that the grass is greener where you water it.

tamarrr said...

ello pastor ben, this is tamar. :) do you miss me at sdl huddle? *grins. today is my last day of school before i start my sem break. school here is quite hectic. the church here is doing well too. learning heaps from angela and ps bernard. i am taking a bible study in school and have to write an exergesis on the Lord's prayer. gosh.. challenging eh..

hope that you have a great week end. send my regards to your wife and kids. i will see all of you reall soon!

Paul said...

Hi Pastor Ben...do u have more photos to upload of Hope Kenya? I'm really interested to see them!
Also welcome back Pastor!!

ben kc lee said...

Tamar, of course - in fact all of us miss you dearly. will convey your regards to the family. we hope that more poly & uni students will like you go overseas for missions. it's also great for personal growth. see you soon.

Paul, it's good to be back. i'm excited you're interested in our Kenya work. do write in to missions@hopesingapore.org.sg so that we can help you appropriately

^_^ said...

Hi Ps Ben! great pics of kenya. sorry i couldn't get what you were saying about my blogger id on sunday.... :P

keng suan.

Timmy said...

Hi Pastor Ben, it's me timothy alvin from Rp. Met you during the membership class that day. I am the one with the spiky hair and was sharing with you some of the problems that i have. Really enjoy your teaching always and hope that one day i will be able to share the word as well as you could. I wanna live out my life, to the fullest- like you do! Amen! And 3 cheers to Jesus!

ben kc lee said...

dear kengsuan, on sunday i said that your blog name is unique.
yes alvin, course i remember you. actually i hope you'll surpass me.