Monday, August 29, 2005

A Full Weekend

Dinah and I just came back from Kenya last Tuesday night. Deborah got sick while we were away. When we came back Daniel just got sick. We prayed for our kids. There were also church matters to catch up on. The weekened started early for me. I preached the opening message of our new sermon series in all three student services on Saturday. (This Tabernacle series is fascinating). It was great to meet our young people. I was also glad to meet 3 Africans at the tertiary service. Yes I slept soundly that night.

On Sunday I preached the series starter twice in the morning. There were three persons who walked up after the second service. One of them found us on the Yellow Pages and showed up today for the first time. He brought a friend who gave her life to Christ. Then I had lunch and rested awhile. Pat was so kind to drive our daughter to our sister-in-law's place. Daniel is resting there.

Then my wife and I are off to the membership class. There were a hundred and ten people present and we did not recognise most of them. It was great to meet new members. We ended after 7 pm but enthusiastic new members stayed behind with additional questions. We finally picked the kids up at 8:30 pm then it was an early night for all of us. The next day is a school day when we leave before 7 am. This was a very full weekend.


Windez said...

Hey, Pastor Ben, remember me? From membership class; I was the one who commented on Nel. What we said then, is covenanted ok? :P

karihoka said...

wow... :)
the new sermon series is great!
albert from YCE2 here haha xD

Paul said...

Pastor Ben,u very long never update your blog already... haha...maybe instead of writing ur day routines u can teach us something we can learn here or your views on certain current issues etc which will surely makes reading your blog more enjoyable :)

ben kc lee said...

hey windez, sure thing about your joke at membership class.

yes karihoka, i think it's great too. appreciate your feedback.

dear paul, i had to decide what to focus on as i began to blog. due of time constraints as you have noticed, i decided to focus on church life & key events in my own journey. thanks for the suggestion though.