Tuesday, August 02, 2005

July 31st

Today is commitment Sunday. I have thought of this this day for over 8 months. First our research assistant Kam Weng proposed an incredible passage of Scripture. Our morning lead worshipper Jac introduced a jazz-themed praise and worship. Our guest soprano Renae Smith did a powerful Gospel song. Then I did two morning messages. I was very excited to pray with two persons who made first time commitments to Christ in the midst of a commitment Sunday.

It was encouraging to see members making prayerful campaign commitments. Friends also participated. Cara told me that a not-even two month old believer made a sacrificial pledge. By the end of our evening service, we had 553 people making campaign commitments.

In between all the excitement my wife and I hosted Evelyn Biles to lunch. I also met Jerry Vuncannon later. Evelyn is a friend of our church and is here to help us with discipleship seminars. Jerry and Renae are part of Evelyn's team.

July 31st will go down as the first commitment Sunday of the Breakthrough campaign. What a day.


Hannah said...

hi pastor ben!
your blog's really funny. haha, but anyway i think you're a cool pastor. ;) thanks for leading us all!
i dont see you often, so..take care!

dOnnieLoveRain said...

Hi i am donnie here =) for Di3
Nice Blog~ wow Did;t know Pastor blog too ! manY thanks for the Teaching we Learn in Church ~

ben kc lee said...

thanks to you too Hannah and Donnie for your fun greetings.