Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reorientating Myself

I was wide awake on Fri night as well as Sat night. Jet lag strikes! Yin San said something about sleeping 12 hours straight after a long-haul flight. Claud mentioned a pill that counteracts jet lag. Looks like there's a pill for everything.

Yes it was hard to preach on Sun morning. The message was "Spiritual Mysteries of the Ark". Morning worship time was good. We had child dedication for 14 kids in the first service. Cheryl gave an amazing testimony in the second service. After second service, an African-American lady came up and said it was great. She asked if we have 'this type of church' in Virginia, US. I said, "Not yet". She seemed disappointed. We talked for a while. She was Charmaine's friend from seminary.

We saw Sharon who's back on home leave from Ecuador. I said hi. Then I got some shut eye in the afternoon. My wife said my rest was 'quite a racket' for the family.

Evening worship was also impactful. After evening service, a lady came up and said "It's my first time here. One of your church members invited me here today. I'm a full-time minister from the Phillipines here on a 1 month sabbatical. I'm so glad I came today. Thank you so much." I was glad that we can be a blessing to people and I replied that she's more than welcome to join us for the 1 month she's in town.

These two individuals plus the five persons who committed their lives to Christ for the first time today more than made up for jetlag blues. Honestly it's a "mystery" I made it through today - fairly joyful too.

Next we were off to Lawrence and Pat's place in Sengkang. Thomas was there. Pat's Assam laksa was potent - I actually slept on Sun night.


Hannah said...

i love your blog. its always inspiring, yet entertaining at the same time. it never fails to make me laugh :)

Pooh said...

Dear Pastor Ben,

I love to read your blog very much coz it's always inspiring. It makes me more strong in spirit and laugh at the same. Even we are apart, just want to say that may God strengthen you in doing ministry in SG. GBU. Pooh

Dee said...

Your life is an inspiration for many. We are indeed very blessed to belong to Hope ;-)

ben kc lee said...

thanks hannah for your kind words. i'm glad you're laughingly inspired.

welcome pooh, you're from Thailand. glad you can be inspired & stronger in your spirit. laughing is good.

dee, welcome back from Rome. actually your life is an inspiration