Monday, November 28, 2005

40 Day Journey

Our church is currently on a 40-day journey. We are fasting and praying corporately for a Christmas breakthrough. We have been journeying together for just over two weeks now. I wonder if the food establishments around Nexus have felt it.

Here's something for the journey. Recently I read a National Geographic (Nov 05) article about societies that live longer. It was fascinating so i noted some key facts. They studied 3 societies around the globe and found similar factors. All don't smoke. Be active everyday. Put family first. Keep socially engaged. Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Other significant factors include keep lifelong friends, eat small portions - till you're 80% full, find purpose and have faith. I particularly liked the '80% full' part and the 'have faith' part.

My wife and I are also preparing for another journey. Very early tomorrow morning we leave for a 2 week ministry trip to South America. (I don't know why long distance flights always happen at 'ungodly' hours).

Hope to post some missions reports along the way. If not, then I'll post again after we get back.


chrispy said...

Hi Ps. Ben,

Been reading your blogs and what i find amazing is that in spite of your hectic busy schedule, you still make it a point to blog regularly! Also wanted to say thank you for living your life so fully for God! You and Dinah have my utmost respect! It is indeed a priviledge to serve under your leadership in Hope Singapore!

ben kc lee said...

welcome chrispy. thanks for allowing us to set the example. in the past i too wondered how people do it - to live fully. now i realise the hard part is to have a cause to live fully for. now that we've found the cause and that we can do life as a team, living fully is quite fun.