Monday, November 21, 2005

The last ten days

The last ten days has been awesome. Things happened so quickly. The meetings were long. The nights were long. Now's time to update my blog. So here goes.

Yesterday I was backstage with Fook Wah. He was going to share his story in the morning services. He's also visually impaired. I couldn't help noticing him prepare by 'feeling' his written testimony in Braille. He has been communicating with my colleague Kam Weng by e-mail about this testimony. I just had to ask how he read his emails. He said he uses voice recognition to read emails. (And I thought I was up to date.) Then he went up to share about what it takes for a handicapped person just to make it for worship service. He travels 50 minutes one way to worship each Sunday. He also joins care group and corporate prayer. Many of us were inspired.

Mabel and Christie told us there was strong spiritual atmosphere. After all we had corporate prayer on 11th Nov, 40-day fasting started 13th Nov and healing conference on 15-17 Nov. I spoke in the morning and in the evening. It was great to pray with 11 people who made first time commitments to Christ. Over 40 people responded and got baptised in the Holy Spirit.

I must mention the healing services on Tue and Wed night (15-16 Nov). The first night was so good and the second was even better. We have received documentation of 20 people who have been healed from various sickneses. I understand there are more.

The Friday before last was also significant. We got invited to help in the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia community project in Dec. We decided later that we would join this project. It's so rare to find a positive, fun and quality movie these days. We know this is going to turn out great.


peishanyeo said...

Hiya Pastor Ben

First time I'm leaving a comment on your blog, though I've been reading it for a while.

The healing services were very good indeed; I prayed for a relative who was hospitalised and she has been getting better. As someone who has experienced God's healing powers myself, I could understand when the pastors taught about learning to wait upon the Lord when one is ill. Personally, it was very hard, especially 2 Cor 12:8-10.

But I guess that's the pruning process we have to go through to learn to submit to God's will and to trust in Him. That's God - so counterlogical and unfathomable - but once He grants us wisdom to understand His ways, they make so much sense. =)

- Peishan

ben kc lee said...

welcome pei shan, i remember i first met you in London. thanks for your helpful comment here.