Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Borneo vacation

Our family just came back from a visit to my parents. Our last trip was in December 2003. That was over one and half years ago. So I really looked forward to this trip. Our kids were excited to see their two cousins and also all the dogs at my parent's home.

Planning for this holiday was tough. There was church camp just before this trip. This is a huge event in our annual calendar. And we planned to go just two days after the camp.

In terms of travel we remembered that we took a budget airline the last time. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. My wife and I decided to go for a full service airline. I told Dinah that we will stay for a whole week at a hotel near the beach. This way we wouldn’t trouble my parents and we could enjoy the seaside. My good wife got quotations from more than 5 travel agents. Through a series of events too complicated to go into, we got a package for a very good rate. We got a great harbour-front hotel with a (small) beach. Our room had such a picturesque view of the sea.

Just the day before we left, Tracy our friend and neighbour offered to drive us to the airport. Tracy, MK (hubby) and their toddler took us to Changi and spent time with us. They are truly a godsend.

The flight was good. Sabah is just beautiful this time of year. We had long conversations with mom, dad, and our siblings and their spouses. The kids had a great time with their cousins. We swam. We met two of the cutest puppies, Whitie and Blackie at dad's place. It was so fun seeing them play. Their baby teeth were causing their mom (Sweetie) some pain when they suckle for milk. So their mom stopped allowing them to have her milk. They don't understand why. We did not get acquainted with the other dogs because they were adult watch dogs.

My brother kindly arranged pony rides for the kids at a real beach but it rained heavily that day. My other brother, his wife, my sister and her husband brought us to sample various types of seafood and local delicacies that I had grown up with. We must have put on a lot of weight. At least I sure did. My sis also arranged our first ever family portrait. Then we managed to meet old friends including Chiew Bong and Dora.

This was close to a dream holiday. We got back a week later. Tracy and family came by our apartment to welcome us home and offered to buy us dinner. I just love Punggol. They also just got back from a vacation in Hong Kong and got us great cookies. What a homecoming. What a vacation.

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