Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All the above

June was slightly less packed. There were more fun moments. Dinah and the twins took me out on Fathers Day. Jan invited us over for a meal. Our family also had dinner with the Luns.

Dinah and I could catch up with Hock Lin and Dora, and with Shih Fen. We also caught up with Chiew Bong and Dora, and with Simon. Vincent hosted our pastors gathering. And I got to know Richard.

It was a privilege to speak at the Glad Tidings Church camp in Johor. It was a great opportunity to serve this church that helped us when we first pioneered our church. We were blessed to know the church leaders and members too.

There was a weekend when Dinah spoke at Bartley Christian Church as I spoke at Yio Chu Kang Chapel. And there was marriage mentoring. Then I spoke for Focus at Grace Methodist Church. Ministry wise, there was also CATALYSE, NA camp prep and Global Polity drafting.

Then I felt unwell one Sunday evening. Afterwards I fell ill for four days. Was this due to the weather, the schedule, weekend ministry trips or all the above?

The low point happened on Friday, June 26 when the SCOTUS redefined marriage. No words could describe my feelings...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Packed & Cold

The month of May was packed. Dinah and I helped a friend's church in Bangkok over a weekend. There was a one day workshop, a Sunday message and 2 talks on Sunday afternoon. But it was good to catch up with Kobchai, Nuey and many old friends.

It was also exciting to pioneer a new training on sexuality. Dinah and I also had marriage mentoring. We spoke for Focus at the Singapore Life Church. There was one Sunday when Dinah spoke at Living Waters Methodist church whist I spoke at Cherith Baptist church. Then I also ministered at the Glory Joy Christian Church. 
The low point in May happened after the trip. The first day after happened to be a long work day. Two days later, a sore throat arrived. Next I was thoroughly sick with a cold virus for four days. Sigh

In a full month, our family did enjoy one day out along with a movie. We also joined Momentum 2015. On Mother's Day, Dinah's extended family celebrated with her mom. Dinah and I got to know Daniel and Janice. And the COE for our car runs out in 2 months...

I was thankful for one particular hot day with much rain. There were several hot days with some rain. But the forecast is for more hotter days ahead - without rain. Sigh.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The heat is on

Easter weekend was memorable. Our family joined a Passover Meal on Good Friday. The long weekend was also nice. Then Deb started her internship. And there was Momentum 2015.

There was a catch up with my former CEO Hyong. There was Anthony and Hui Ling’s 20th anniversary celebration. It was good to have  time with Mabel, with Nic, with Richard and Yuet Mei, with Wenjiang and Claramae, and with Nam Seng and Sok Mian. There was also time with my pastor friends.

One forgettable moment was opening a pastor friend's email and getting phished. So there was damage control (sigh). There was also the late tax return submission but thankfully not too late. 

Dinah and I ran a focus group for singles ministry. We trained a new generation of marriage mentors. We also spoke at Bethesda Frankel Estate Church. There was an interview for HIM's anniversary publication. There was the CATALYSE report. And there was the global polity meeting and the follow-up.

There were many hot days with some rain on a few afternoons. The heat is on.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Intense Emotions

March was a month of intense emotions.

Days, nights and weekends were all building up to the the sexuality conference. There were multiple local partners, speakers and speaker books to manage on top of the conference proper. I had a plenary session as well. The conference saw many walk-in registrations. The night session was virtually full house. I felt exhausted but joy-filled. After 2 days, we said our good byes as Dinah and I took the twins who volunteered at the conference for a special treat. Straight after, we began preparations for the special pastors tea.   

Again days, nights and the weekend were spent on preparations. There was broken sleep. This special pastors' tea was also the first of its nature. Mr LKY passes 3 days before. Affected, we continued and launched the Whole-Life Discipleship framework to pastors. Afterwards, Dinah and I took the twins who volunteered at the conference for a special treat. 

The final week was very intense. We cried throughout as we watched Farewell to LKY on Mar 29. It’s been an emotional week for the nation. My batteries were flat but tried to wrap up matters from conference and pastors tea. Treated our team to a special meal. Dinah and I went to the movies one night.

The first half of the month was less emotional except for the first day of the new office IT system. This impacted online registrations. This drama spilled over to our family outing. Also, Dinah and I had an interesting dinner with Che Ahn, Larry Bolz, Vincent and Genevie, Simon and Ping, Daniel and Joy. We had an unexpected meal with Pear, Derek and Gideon and then with Glen. 

Our family celebrated my birthday. Leonard took me out to lunch. There was an extended birthday meal with Vincent and Jenny.The guys in the office and our team took me out. The support group celebrated too. The staff team celebration was special with a watermelon as cake. I took this to symbolise fruit from gardening in the Sacred Garden.

This first half afforded some ministry time. Dinah and I spoke at Elim Church. Dinah spoke at Zion Full Gospel church. I also spoke at the English Presbytery Co-Workers Fellowship, the Board of Children's Ministry TRAC and Grace AG church.

March started out hot and humid. Days were mainly warm with clouds in the afternoon. Grateful for some drizzle and even rain. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A welcome rest

February was Lunar New Year celebrations. The 5-day break was a welcome rest after an intense early 7 weeks in 2015. It was great to chill with our family, with Dinah's extended family and with friends. I called dad and mom. We had dinners with Dinah's family. We visited Esmond and Sue, Yu Ming and Linda, Vincent and Jenny, and Jacq visited us. We caught a movie and I caught up with writing. The weather was warm but cloudy.

There were good times outside LNY celebrations. There were catch ups with Kok Hiang and Sharon, with Henry, Melvyn, Boon Hup, Vincent and Kok Hiang, and with Charmaine too. There was jogging and family prayer.

Ministry wise, there was the launch of the new support group. Dinah and I spent Valentine's Day with couples from True Way Presbyterian Church. I did a mini-series at Living Waters Methodist church and spoke at the Fellowship of Christian Care Professionals. And church polity drafting.

Weather wise, there were cool days at the start. It became warm but cloudy with some rain. There were more hot days though. The last day of the month was a real scorcher. A sign of days to come?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cushioned with breezes

Spring cleaning extended into the first weekend of the new year. Decluttering included scanning so to discard hardcopies. Then the first day of work was stepping into a newly renovated office. The first work week involved unpacking and rearranging furniture as contractors touch up. Work days are packed with multiple meetings since most of us were away for much of December.

January felt particularly hectic because of 2 work trips within 2 weeks. The first was Summit 2015 in Malacca. It was good to reconnect with pastor friends. The plenary sessions and testimonies were refreshing. Dinah and I joined the very early morning prayer. It was an enjoyable first and only regret was coming back with a cold. The second trip was to a family life pastors' consultation in KL. It was my first outing with this fraternity. It was good to meet Sabahan pastors, connect with Fung Fong, and catch up with Willie, Tryphena and Sylvia.

One January highlight was to catch up with Wee Leng, Wan Phing and Sharon. It was also good to gather with Glen, Swee Tin, Dennis, Laura and Paul. There was Skype catch up with Todd and Joan. And it was good to get to know Hock Cheng and Camelia along with Calvin and Grace plus their 3 girls. 

The new ministry year re-started too. I ministered at the Shekinah AG church and for the Eagles youth seminar. Mentoring and global polity work also resumed. Then sermon preparations featured on evenings and on weekends. 

Early parts of January saw some rain. Days are getting a little warmer but are cushioned with morning and evening breezes. Breezy times are when walk-a-jogs continued.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quebec, Sabah & Singapore

December played out in 3 parts.

The first 10 days was all about ministry in Quebec. We reunited with our friend Eric for ministry but this time in winter. It was great to meet the new team in Montreal. This trip was both fruitful and freezing for Dinah and I. After this very cold climate in Canada, we spent 3 short days in Singapore re-acclimatising. I met Sebastian from Germany. During this time Dinah fell ill.

Then our family spent 10 days in Sabah. Dinah took this time to recuperate. My brother was back from UK so the whole family was together. Sabah was all about family. We conversed with dad, mom and my siblings. The family hung out together. It was very nice to enjoy home-cooked dishes that we grew up with (pic). I also caught up with childhood friends - Albert, Martin and Robert as well as an old friend from SG - Chiew Bong. Then I spoke at the Hope KK church too.

The last 8 days was Christmas and New Year in Singapore. There was Christmas celebrations with Dinah's extended family. Jan hosted a Christmas dinner. There was an extended evening with Charmaine and Li Chuang and then with Michael and Lean Choo. Jefferson dropped by. Li Chuang visited. Seng Hock called from Cambodia. I spoke at the SJSM church. And we spent 3 days spring cleaning. Needed to get our home more liveable now that we are staying.

Got no complaints about the weather. The 31 days in December were simply beautiful.