Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I was asked

Hong Teck is my friend and colleague. On the 1st June, he presented the proposal for our new church website. It is going to be quite a radical shift. The next day he suggested to me that perhaps I should write a blog. I replied, "Either this is really important or you think I am very free." Since I respect him very much, it must be the former than the latter.

The next day I went back to Hong Teck and asked, "How do I blog?" So Hong Teck walked me through blogging. After checking it out, it is a great tool.

I do need to connect more with church members especially members doing church in Africa, South America and different parts of Asia and Europe. I hope that my journey will be of some help to you in your journey.

Let me start with a question that I encountered quite recently.

I was asked what I thought of the bestsellers 'Harry Potter' and 'Da Vinci Code'? To me 'Harry Potter' does seem to distinguish between good and evil, but it also seems a lot like sorcery and witchcraft packaged as fun and adventure. Then 'Da Vinci Code' is more like fiction and speculation that pretends to be fact and Scripture. Personally I would invest my time in other ways. If you enjoy fiction, read 'Chronicles of Narnia' by CS Lewis. This is a 7 book series. There are forces of good and evil. It will capture your imagination. It alludes to the eternal kingdom.


JesuaFreak said...

hmm.. read somewhere in the internet that the chronicles of narnia would be made into a movie soon.. to rival that of LOTR trilogy... dunno how true is that la..

BTW I'm jx from WAM..

yeu@nn said...

oh, the movie "Lion, Witch and Wardrobe" should be coming out soon... =)

BTW really very excited to see ur blog Ps Ben! :D haha... yah, tink can see hw God can use u to inspire other ppl, not just in Singapore but even now, across the entire globe in a matter of seconds.

denise* said...

i like chronicles of narnia. ((: i bet the movie is just gonna be so fun!

ben kc lee said...

yes jx the movie is coming in dec 2005 courtesy of Disney pictures.
thanks yeu@ann for the excitement and reminding me of the potential
weiting the series has 7 books so i hope there will be 7 good movies