Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary Part II

Here are more posts on our 15th anniversary celebrations...

i'm so excited for hope church singapore fifteenth anniversary !
i'm really praying hard that my group & i have visitors ! lets not waste such a great opportunity to invite & through this event , i dare say that there's alot of lives that God gonna touch & changed . if you wanna see your family & friend's life being transformed , invite them ! i'm praying for visitors ! GOD SEE MY HEART ! =D you know who i wanna see coming , i shan't announce here =D

happy 15th birthday hope singapore!!
i totally love you, my dear church. the place where i grew the most, who i met amazing people.

i thank God for everyone who is involved in transforming and impacting lives.
i salute you, the servants of God :)

what a busy anniversary week! choir practices nearly everyday till late and coping with my never ending cough. (it's healed today, praise God!)

expo service was great. i enjoyed praising and worshipping the Lord on stage with all who love praising and worshipping Him again and again. you can feel a surge of joy overflowing in and through you.

it was a great exposure and experience. standing in front of 3,600 people, playing a part in everything.

it was wow-ed. and i definitely love the lightbulbs history maker!! :))

i wana affirm people who spent their sleepless night for the lightbulbs. it's gorgeous even though some technical faults. God saw your hearts & diligence! thank God for all your willingness.

His Spirit in me: a life transforming story
Yesterday saw the 15th anniversary of HOPE Church Singapore, since its inception in 1991, with just 5 members in the midst. Since then, the church has grown in membership and strength to a number of nearly 3000, planted numerous churches all over the world, changed tonnes of lives, one of those changed life is me. It's hard to imagine: a church that started when I was primary one, when I did not think that I would become a religious person or at least convert myself into another religion, and now I'm serving in that church.

It's really hard to imagine though, think only God can see that at the time when I was running around, running my own life, running my own business, thinking that I run the world. It used to be a time of perceived fulfillments and purposes, when I thought that my purposes in life seems to be .... I dun know what. I thought it may be the things which I want to do in life, that is the purpose of my life. I looked around, looked at all the girls, thinking maybe one of these girls is the purpose of my life. There was a lot of times when I thought I know how to live life to the full... yeah right. What a lot of people, or even myself did not know is that many times when I was alone, my heart was desolate, I didn't know what I was doing, though I thought I knew. And I was still running around. I didn't believe that any god can do anything, in the first place, there was a lot of doubts here and there. How do you know the thing that you are worshipping is really there, is really real? I tried to make sense of the rituals we have at home, till I was tired of it, but I did not realise. I tried to keep faith in the Bugis Guan Yin temple, but heck, why do I have to travel so far everytime I wanna pray to a goddess or whatever statue? I wanted to go to China, to Pu Tuo Island just south of Shanghai, but heck, why do people have to travel all the way there to pray?

Then along came the tertiary ministry of HOPE Church Singapore. Along came a bunch of people... who were organising a matriculation event for uni freshmen. To make the long story short (for those who are interested, you can browse through my 240 plus previous posts to get a better idea of what happened), this bunch of people eventually became the core of my spiritual family in HOPE Church Singapore. They brought me to come to know God. And after me, I began to see a new bunch of new believers together with me as well, such as Calyn, Kaili, HongTao, Yishyan, Zhenzhu, Yuan Tao, John, Jiahao, Xingchong, Yanteng, seeing them growing together, as I grow along with God. Today, I have grown to be a stronger believer in HOPE, taking care of Yuan Tao together with Qiaoping and Shuyi. I read the blogs of my brothers and sisters and I must say that I was very encouraged by God's power in their lives. Behind every faces in the ministry is a story of their own lifes, tells the story of God in their lifes. People may not see, people may not even wanna care, but behind each and every smiles is a story of how God transforms lifes to the better. The glares of all these eyes tell the story of this HOPE Church, tell the story of how people in this family struggled and pulled through till this day.

I thank God for these people in my life. I thank God for Claramae and Robert and Qiaoping for making the effort to bring me to know God, though ironically two of them were not around on that fateful day. I thank God for the caregroup, past and present for the wonderful few months I have had and for the wonderful months and years ahead. I thank God for Benaiah, my shepherd for his willingness to take care of me. I thank God for what You have done in my life, and other people's life. I thank God for Jesus. I thank God for the HOPE movement. Amen.

Hope Church Singapore 15th Anniversary Celebration at Singapore Expo Hall 2, 16th September 2006
From a group of 5 young people, a church called Hope of God Singapore was thus born in 1991. 15 years later, now known as Hope Church Singapore, we are a vibrant church of 3,000 over history makers committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in their lifetime by building strong and biblical people to plant strong and biblical churches in Singapore and all over the world !

It has been a long time...
It has been a long time since I last wrote on my blog. Since I started work, life has been quite intense. I am currently going through a sharp learning curve in my work. Yesterday is Hope Church Singapore's 15th anniversary. Work and choir practices took up a large portion of my time last week and I was glad that the celebration service ended. We had a great celebration at Singapore Expo. I was part of the 100-people choir. I enjoyed the moment on stage. To see all on the floor worshipping God brought great joy to my heart that all the hard work was worthwhile.

I was reminded of these verses from 2 Cor. 4:16-18 recently.
"Therefore we don't lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light & momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

I thank God for what He has done in my life all these years. There are many more great years ahead ;-)

History Maker
it was a leisure sunday. It kinda feels wierd that there's no regular sun service to attend coz. Sun has always been Church Day for me. So, spend some time with my family and we went to JB in the afternoon.

Sat was Church 15th Anniversary Celebrations. It was great to be able to be involved in choir and at the same time, got to know more people. As in most events, the most memorable time is usually the preparation time while the most satisfying time is when you see the end result (that is .. the actual day). That's when u know that all the hard work pays off.

It has been fun with all the choir people from various congregations coming together week after week for practices. The laughters from all the warm-up sessions, learning of the actions etc. Hope we will have more opportunities to perform together.

Church Anniversary Celebration
how nice if we have 50,000 people coming for our service. Can u imagine the number of people that will come to know Christ? Wow .. that will be tremendous.

I've invited afew friends to come, including mom. Mabel say she'll ask MJ. Hopefully they can all make it coz. that will mean alot to me. It's not that i want them to come and see me sing but hopefully, they will be touched by God through the service.
enjoyed all the practices so far and it's great to see everyone from various congregations coming together. I particularly like the young ones from the youth service. They are so cute and adorable.One of them actually looks like my cousin. Alot of time & effort has been put in by various groups and ministries. From musicians to the dancers, MM team etc. And not forgetting from our choir side, there's HJ, Rachael etc who led us week after week. And now, there's Tricia who's busy with our costumes.

Anyway, hope that Cheryl (Ng), my dear friend & shepherd will be able to come too. She's actually on maternity leave but mentioned last week that she may be able to come. That will be great.

Talk abt it, i've not passed the gift to the newly promoted parents. Anyway, i hve plans to visit her this sun. So maybe on sun then.

After this busy period of practice for church anniversary, i wonder what's next in the pipeline? Christmas sevice prep? Anyway not sure abt others but for me, i've always been use to being busy. Usually feels weird when the momentum slows down. It feels as if something is amiss…

Yesterday's 15th Anniversary for Hope Singapore.
Simply wonderful :) Reminded me the power and impact of individual life's story... eveyone has a story to tell and that story can change another person if we want... everyone will have trials of their own and how they overcome it. Not one on earth has no trials. Even the rich, they do. Today God reminded me again the power of everyone's story... to touch, to restore, to empower, to add courage and hope...

Happy 15th anniversary ! Hope Church Singapore!!
history makers celebrated with a bang at expo! love the praise n worship songs and everyone dressed to their best! enjoyed the celebration loads and it continued with the coach to town...


Huanyan said...

hi Pastor. haha, it must have been a tremendous effort trying to copy and paste these testimonies... I won't say mine was easy considering I have put an 'anti-copy' code into my blog. =P Must have been hard for you. But it has been heart-warming to see all the testimonies from brothers and sisters from the church. This church is a great one, made possible only by God. I pray that it will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, all the way!

inbetweenrainbows said...

it's so cool to see my entry here! and so many more hope ppl's. it's ultra cool. hahha. happy 15th bday hope singapore; global city church! :D

LeAnne said...

Dear Pastor

I'm so touched after reading all the entries related to the anniversary. Just want to thank God for you, investing your life fully in God's kingdom and building this church. Thank you!

I'm excited about what is to come! God is faithful!

Happy Anniversary!

grace_sufficient said...

Hi Pastor... great testimonies from all those people :) It will be even better if u put a line in front of every "block" of testimonies, to state that 'Here are some more testimonies from people that I found on the internet. - Ben'..... This is because, people who r familiar with your blog will know that u didn't write all those stuff. But people who just glance through woh't know what on earth is going on and they may be stumbled. :) Keep it going, Ps!