Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our 15th Church Anniversary yesterday. It was an occasion that left me humbled, proud, happy & wet-eyed all at the same time. There was a spontaneous outburst of joy throughout at Hall 2. This morning I bumped into three members who were still in high spirits. I wished them a 'Happy Anniversary' and was curious about how other members felt about our birthday party. So I did a simple google search and found a few posts.

Here is what I found and by no means is this comprehensive. Remember that I read the articles about our anniversary and not their entire blogs so I'm unable to endorse all articles in these blogs. I must warn you that what you are about to read contains (unedited) standard English, short form, sms language and Singlish. But it is heartfelt though. Also, this listing is in no particular order.

This Is My Life
Our church Hope Church Singapore will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this Saturday. I was gutted that I wouldn't be able to attend as I would be on duty at the IMF and World Bank meetings. Still, as we stand on the threshold of a 15-year milestone, I think it's a good time to take stock of my life since I took the epoch-making (haha!) step to become what I would previously term "a certified nutcase" - becoming a Christian...

yest was my church's 15th anniversary... thank God for blessing Hope Singapore for the past 15 years n i know He'll continue to bless us for the next 15, 30 or even 100 years! Lord, i pray tt U'll continue to grow us n add to our numbers!

yest was really veri special n memorable... my 1st time experiencing such a big church gathering at expo n watching thousands of pple ard me praising n worshipping God... 1st time singing Mandarin P&W song... 1st time listening to an English sermon being translated into Mandarin... 1st time seeing Joyce dance! she danced veri well even though she fell... no worries sis, u did a great job!

after the whole thing i was telling huijun tt having such a big event is ok if it's done once a year... if every sat is lidat i can't take it cos listening to both English n Mandarin during service abit messy n i couldn't really concentrate...

but overall it was really great! Pastor Jeff was veri enthu n Pastor Ben delivered a veri powerful sermon... deco did a veri good job in lighting up the words "History Maker" n filling up the whole place wif balloons... veri pretty! the singers n dancers n musicians performed veri well! the videos were done veri well! even the goodie bag is veri cute... i feel veri glad to haf come to noe Christ thru Hope! :)

A Few Good Men and the rest is History
Makers' was the theme of the 15th Anniversary of Hope Church. A few good men, fresh grads from the land of Oz, returned to Singapore with a vision to plant a church.

This week end, 15 years later, we witnessed how that celebration had to take place in the Expo, because our own sanctuary can not hold the complete congregation in one single service.

It reminds me again of how simple the Great Commission is, when only we would obey and trust God for the outcome and it only needs : ... a few good men (and women) who are willing to fulfill what is closest to God's heart.

History Makers...
Among the 3,000 men congregation, was also the youngest attendant at less than one month! Zoe enjoyed her first time at a church celebration. Even the loud worship music did not bother her. She was either amuzingly moving in her prem, sleeping or being fed by mum in the hall.

After the service we joined our ex care group for a great tasting Vietnamese dinner. At the end, Zoe became a bit impatient, her face turned red and that was the signal for dad to take her out for a diaper change. She was so kind to us to let us enjoy the dinner in length that immediately after the change, her face kept red as now was the sign for mum to feed her again. Actually, quite easy those infants: sleep, feed, cry and then there are two options: either she is hungry or needs a clean up!

Hope Church Singapore 15th Anniversary
It was a great celebration! =)) God will definitely move in greater greater ways in the world! So great until it's unbelievably believable.

Sidenote: wah! EXPO so big! need to take alot of time to run from one end to another, because there are so many things happening at the same time, then you can't even hear each other on the fone and everybody would be too busy to notice their hp buzzing with msgs. whoo~ me exercised ALOT today, now so suan, next time must remeber to do warm ups before decor. Other than that, now both my toes are blistered. *pain* and i've got one finger blistered too, and my fingers all got tiny tiny skin tearing out...again *pain*. Further, thank God for the decor team and all other willing volunteers, you guys really have a super servanthood spirit. All the volunteers (sun-tanning, balloon tieing, cutting, wrapping packing etc.), must have been taxing for you all- but we made it! and we've done to our best. yipee =))

on the big dae of anniversary..
went to expo at 1030 liddat den did the balloons decoration for the path way n stairs sits... we use helium to blow balloons.. hmmm as wad i've saw n done on tt dae, i can sae tt the balloons is definitely more den 3hundreds in total.. isnt is great to see the holy place be filled up wif balloons deco to lighten up the atmosphere? i think is real cool!!!!! wheeeee.. i love it.. alot of deco ppl came to do the balloons.. veri veri soon after tt, the door was open for the time tunnel.. . hmm.. i din get the chance to walk in it.. nvm la.. is still good serving!!! =D after the tunnel, was the celebation!! the dance came 1st n worship, praise, video, n so on n so on..!! pastor Ben preached.. it was wonderful.. is abt generation to generation.. din take photos on tt dae big BUT the pictures of winning the whole world is all in my MIND N HEART!! amen.. it is reali reali a veri amazing n WONDERFUL dae praising God in the anniversary dae of Hope Church Singapore!!

Church Anniversary
Yes... Thoroughly enjoyed the celebration!! Love the stage decor, love the 100-men choir, love the sight of "rally" that is really happening in Hope Church Singapore!!!

It is such rare occassion where the whole church gathers!!!

Hope Church (S) anniversary
Yesterday my church celebrated their 15th anniversary at Singapore Expo, Hall 2. I reached there around 1020am in the morning, because need to help up in the decor, but Joe said enough people already and if i went to help, i will smell smelly. In the end, I did full time usher the whole day. :)

16 September 06
I just came back from Singapore Expo hall2. Its really a long trip there. First I started from boon lay mrt after work then to expo then from expo to yew tee. It's really great to see all the people there giving their time to Jesus though! The dancers practiced hard at the foyer, the 100 people choir were there, many many were there for the deco & time tunnel and I was moved at the many people willing to do the minor jobs such as preparing goodie bag & bulletins etc. Awesome bunch of people!

Spent some time interceding for anniversary tmr. The place is rather huge, it after the event was over. One thing I prayed just now is that 15 years is not the end & we're not celebrating because we just hit 15 a rounder no, but since its rounder let's make it a better year to start off totally anew. It's a brand new beginning. A beginning for the next 15 years, a beginning to grow from glory to glory.

happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to HOPE singapore,

okok..tell you about wad happened today..its my church 15th anniversary!! ya..then as everyone knows (or be told now), i reaccepted christ 3 weeks ago..ya.. then i wan to bring ppl in ma.. i juz go in church, I FELT HIS GREATNESS! I FELT HIS MIRACLES! I FELT HIS GRACE!!!! HALLELUYAH~!papa rocks...he rocks the whole world..yes..he's the world..amen? AMEN!!

ya..then today i brought nigel wid mi!!! (actually its him and barry ders..but his father dun let..rarhrarh.. *oOps*) ya..then at first i met him at je..then all my fwens dere..he was like asking,"eh, y all ppl so warm der?" then i said,"sure lah..our church is like a big big big big FAMILY with PAPA!!!" ..yeah..i felt that he was feeling quite good about this..

then on the way he was very warmly welcomed by us..yeah..he felt good. THEN!!THE EVENT STARTED!!! first nigel was feeling bored.. and when i asked him to convert, he was like i dun wan..yeah..dun force him rite..GOD PLS SHOW HIM UR MIRACLES!yeah..but after tt he started asking things about christ, i was elated to answer his questions la..THX GOD FOR LETTING MI BRING NIGEL IN!! then at the last part of it, there was a part when new believers who wan to accept christ to go in front of the stage to accept christ..i asked him. he said he duno..i guess he wasn't prepared. yeah..then i asked god, "pls let nigel accept u!" then god said "the time has yet to come, but it will come in due time."

Saturday, 16 September 2006
Woa...I've actually never experienced this Hope Church Singapore 15th anniversary. Pastors from Hope churches came to Singapore Expo to celebrate this anniversary. Hope church started since 1991, and started with only 5 people. Visit this blog, he is one of them who build up the church from 5 people to churches all over the world:

Hope Church is now all over the world, including Singapore, Thailand, Africa, Europe...

ahwell. expo hall 3 ((:

haha i like the anniversary booklet! :D there's this strap i like to wear around my neck, and i don't care that it makes me look like a retard. i like the bag too. no matter how many times we changed seats, i always ended up with black. x)

anniversary celebration was great today, i don't really know how to describe/ explain it. although it was cold haha.

happy birthday hope church singapore! HISTORY MAKERS

Sunday, September 17, 2006
.... -Next I would like to talk about deco =] on fri and sat, we were rushing for deco like siao and all the deco ppl will say AMEN! really very busy + tired, however it was great to do something in Gods house =] we really enjoyed ourselves and I’m sure everyone become closer too =] really want to thank God for my deco leader MS Faith Yiyo (nickname: starfish) without her is like without a guide in deco thanks for her that make the anniversary a successful one for deco and the rest of the deco group like the adult and tertiary ppl without them the tunnel will be just a empty one = beco I saw the before and after tunnel =] DECO PPL you all rock =]

-now let’s talk about my HOPE CHURCH anniversary celebration=] it was so cool =] my first time going to expo =] going to hall2 from MRT it was really a long trip becoz hall6 is the nearest to the MRT and hall 2 is furthers I love to see the place where it’s filled with ppl becoz you can see how God has worked in this church =] like wow so many ppl and I got to know when our church started too. It was on Feb 17 1991 =] not only that all the leaders were dressed up, they are so beautiful =] really esp my idol, PS Dinah she looks gorgeous =] from now to the next 15 years I want to see how God moves in this church =] Happy Birthday HOPE CHURCH SINGAPORE =]

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Pastor Ben,

Add my testimonial on Hope 15th Anniv :)
Happy 15th Annivesary Hope of God Church!~16 Sept 2006.

Today is the Celebration of the 15th Annivesarry of my church: Hope of God [we are located at Somerset cuppage plaza level 5]. The moment when i stepped into the Expo hall, i had a flashback of 5 years ago. It was almost the same kinda of environment, however this time round, the crowd was much bigger (Yes, the church had grown tremendously in the past 5 years). In this church, i truly accepted Christ into my life. I was a stubborn person at that time. I thought since i have known Jesus from my kindergarden school, why should I say that prayer again?. Furthermore, I just felt it was an embarassing thing to do, to come to the front (near the stage) where many people would pray for you. Aniway, I did it that day, on Hope Church 10th Annivesarry in March 2001 (because i wanted to remember this day as the day I had the courage to acknowledge Him). If jorry didn't drag me to go to the front 5 years ago, i wouldn't be a Christian like what i am today.

Hope of God Church was founded in 1991, with only 5 people attended the first Service, but currently had grown to a size of >2500 people and planted many churches all over the world. I remember, a few years back, there was only about 10 students in the indo caregroup that was leaded by Jorry and his then shepperd Daniel. But now, although most of the friends that i knew had left the caregroup and the church, a few new indo caregroups had formed and grown to a size of almost 30-40 people. The Work of the Lord is amazing. And I thank God for still in the Church despite of many ups and downs. I am still strunggling to grow and to keep my heart firm to commit. I need a lot of prayers....:P

This Afternoon celebration was great! (the phraise and worship had touched me alot with the songs. I could really feel peace and going into His presence for at least an hour. What is it like to be in God's presence?. It was like you were brought to a place (very very big, it was an empty place, i couldn't tell whether it was dark or bright, there was only you and a little light. I couldn't feel anymore the loudness or the sounds of people around me. It was a place where my soul would rest, a place where i could sing for God and i knew he would be listening to it. A place where i would have no worry at all, and forget who I am). It is an amazing feeling that you can feel how great and amazing God is, He is the creator of the Universe and everything in it. This life is made by Him, for you to understand His purpose.

I had a great time playing with the baloons too~
Happy 15th Annivessary Hope Church~~!. Thank you for never abandon me :P