Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I love Decembers

The highlight was celebrating New Year in Sabah. This was a short and meaningful trip. Our son was unwell just before we travelled. Thankfully he got well on the first day here. We got to catch up with family, friends and enjoy fresh and plentiful seafood here. On New Year Eve, we prayed over my parents then over my siblings - family by family. Then we took photos together and stayed up till the New Year in 2014.

The second highlight was the ministry trip to Chicago. The day we flew off is when my year-end leave started. And we arrived to a -8 C temp. We spent time with David, Malay and prayed with the team. The Christmas service and the entire afternoon programme was both amazing and encouraging. In fact we only got back at 11pm on Sunday. And on the way back to Singapore, we only got assigned seats at the gate just before takeoff.

The final highlight was the year-end time out. I slowed down. Our family hung out. We had Christmas eve dinner with Dinah's family. We celebrated Charmaine’s birthday. We caught up with Li Chuang, Sharon, Kallai and Esther. I caught up with Henry and Melvyn.

Ministry wise, our family volunteered at the FOCUS initiative. We ministered at KCC, Hope Church Chicago and Hope Church Kota Kinabalu. Year-end home life included spring cleaning, trip preparations, packing and unpacking, and jet-lag from the Lucerne trip.

Weather wise, early December saw a few warm and humid mornings. Mostly it was cloudy, cool and wet. I love Decembers.

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