Monday, May 12, 2008

Leave from Blogspot

Yes I did mean to write. Then the month of March went crazy. April was no different. It's already May.

Before I went on leave from Blogspot, I was introduced to Facebook. It's quite different and I find it better in some aspects. You can find me there.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ps Ben,

sad that you are taking leave from preaching and now blogging!! how to get updates from you lidat?

will definitely keep you in prayers, and hope to see some updates about your study adventure, to encourage those who would like to further their studies in midlife.. such as moi.

haa.. ok, all the best n god bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor ben!
May God bless you all the way !

Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Ben.
God will continue bless you and your family ( Church ), until He coming second time.

Pastor. Harry Gill ( Perth )

Anonymous said...

Pastor Ben,

I was very happy to see you in KK LC ^^ Miss you pastor. Please take care and continue your good work with God's anointing. You gonna be great in the Lord!

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Dear PS Ben
My name is Tony from Hope BKK. I am so impress your preaching I got the only 1 CD from sister, Hope SIN, many year ago. So May God bless and annointing everything you do. God bless. Tony

Peter Ting said...

Hi Ben,

More than 7 years ago, U did a most wonderful thing for me at the then Mind Court Hotel (now Corus Hotel). Without which I would never be where I am today.

alicemeow said...

Just happen to link to ur blog from Junming... ^_* Hope these leaves from blogspot, prepare u well for bigger missions for Christ!~ ^_* Jia U, pastor... and thanks again for ur message today in Hope KK.

Pet猫猫 said...

Ps.Ben, I am ex-hope member....I'm now already came back to my home town perak, ayer tawar, is a small town in perak.....

I just want to said thank U Hope Church Singapore, I thank God for chosen me to know him in hope church... i had learn many things in hope church.. after came back to home town, then i realize that i was so blessed in Hope, there is many traing and teaching that local church don't have. i'm now serving is a local & small church.

I've been so long never log in to hope website, today i don't know Y i'm logging, then i saw u have leaving singapore and serve in America, i'm abit sad!

May God bless U and your family!!!