Friday, July 27, 2007

Return to Quito

The visa application process to Ecuador was like a bad dream. That's an entire story in itself...

Dinah and the twins sent me off to the airport on Sunday afternoon. I fly to LA, Miami and finally arrive in Quito on a Monday night. It was the 23rd of July. I am very happy to reunite with Wee Leng, Wan Phing and Sharon. We have a very long dinner on Monday. This is my second visit to Quito. Its colder this time. They have a much bigger place now.

Team Lima arrived on a Tuesday noon. Wee Leng brings Julian,
Serene, Ailay and Delia to the house. We greet then go out and spend the whole day together. Its great to be able to catch up with our people individually. For lunch, Team Lima asked for Indian food. Wee Leng bring us to a nice Indian place downtown. Later I suggest they try the local handmade fruity gelato-equivalent at the Andean artisan market. The Lima team took an instant liking to thist just like my wife when we were first here in Dec 2005.

It is such a joy to reunite for the eight of us, half way around the world. At dinner time Sharon arranges an early surprise for Julian. His actual birthday is this coming Saturday. He will be 36 soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ps Ben,

Keeping you in prayers here! I pray that your health is doing fine and will continue to be great throughout the trip till you're back here. May God's presence be with you all in everything you do that you & the teams may bear much fruits! Thank God for you going all the way to S.America to send our love and your support!

Please send my love to the S.American teams :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Ps. Ben,

Thanks so much for sending me the info for your site! I am so encouraged to read how God is moving in missions around the world. May God help you bear fruit as you travel and strengthen you! I believe He will continue to do GREAT things! May God bless you and Dinah, and let the earth be full of the glory of the Lord!

God bless,
Joan (New Yorker in Hope Chiang Mai)