Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Goggles isn't on my mind

Mon is the start of a new school term. It's traditional to be early for the first day. We follow tradition. Later five male youth leaders come over and we spend time together. They would have stayed all night.

It's Tue. We meet our neighbour on the way down and discover his son is unwell. So we get breakfast for their boy. Later Dinah and the kids take me to lunch. It's my belated birthday celebration. Next we drop by at the optometrist before swimming. Later we get dinner for our neighbour's child and we have an early night.

Wed night gets exciting. We've been in contact with an old friend for 3 months. We are so excited that our friend joins Lan Sim's care group. Thu starts with an online chat with Terry. Lunch is with Hong Teck. It's a strange evening. I plunge into the pool without goggles then have to pull myself out. The few onlookers around try not to look so shocked. There are many things in my mind and goggles isn't one of them.

Fri is the final day for weekend preparation. There's corporate prayer at night. Then it's all systems go. There are 3 sermons on Sat and 2 on Sun. Fuzhen's testimony is just awesome. Dinah and I are so happy to see our old friend at service. Later Dinah conducts a child dedication in the evening service. This is a fruitful weekend. We (me especially) wind down on Sunday evening.

Mon is when I start preparing for Easter. Somehow tonight's session with male leaders from Mandarin service is off. So I resume reading the pre-Easter materials. On Tue morn we catch up with another friend and listen to a sermon CD. Then the twins tell us Deb has been appointed as Health Ambassador for the class. They've got the right person - she loves her fruits. Somehow I suspect that this appointment signals the end of greasy meals for the family.


Paul said...

Pastor Ben, haha, can you swim without goggles? Haha.. gotta train to be fit man!

Olivia Loh said...

Hi Pastor Ben, Are you coming to Melbourne for the LC? If you are, look forward to seeing you and Ps Dinah.

Thank you for your always enjoyable blog!

God Bless!

Hope Melbourne

ben kc lee said...

yes paul, i totally gotta train to be fit man. can't swim a long time without goggles.

hi olivia, dinah & i just spent 2 weeks overseas. so i'll be coming alone to australia. glad to know that you enjoy this blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Ben

Yeap its Lester here, you prayed for me yesterday at 8 April during the first Easter Services. Really thank God for you. Yeap I deleted the previous blog and start a new one...I am the one with the spiky hair....

Yeap I look forward to bring people next saturday. Actually I did not backslide as in out of church but I felt further from the Lord... then God told me to come down... Thanks!


Huanyan said...

hi Pastor Ben, was really touched by the sermon yesterday. Like the last part of the sermon a lot.

ben kc lee said...

Lester, it's great to respond to God. have a great time helping others experience Easter.

Huanyan, glad you were touched by the sermon. can see the sermon quoted in your blog.

yeu@nn said...

Hey Ps Ben, realised tt ur writing style is becoming more and more relaxed and easy-going. Haha, hope this encourages you to blog more! Thanks for sharing your life wif us, it's really sweet! :D

Love in Christ,

ben kc lee said...

Yeu Ann, thanks for the analysis. interesting that 'more relaxed & easy going' is 'sweet'