Monday, February 06, 2006

Flying carpet

Lunar New Year must be still on since Dinah is still feeding us Mandarin oranges every night. This is a fifteen day celebration. Here's the rest of the story.

The 5th day is a mixed day. It starts poorly as I slip and fall early in the morning. I step on the rug which moves so I fall as it moves. Deb says it's a flying carpet. This would have been so funny except that my elbow is swollen and my bum hurts. Have to walk slowly out to lunch as we celebrate Cara's birthday. It ends with an nice evening with Jo, Kris and Alesha over for dinner.

Weekend messages on 7th and 8th day is 'Sex and Spirituality'. Gained a lot from putting this message together. It's great to pray with eight people who give their lives to Christ. Then Maurice says I look like a hong bao in the red shirt. We cap the day with a yummy dinner at Jeff and Claud's place. The elbow and bum pain is almost gone.

Monday is the 9th day. Traffic on the roads is back to normal. Guess all businesses are up and running again. Tonight is visitation to Joel and Evelyn's for Breakthrough campaign planning. Tomorrow night we host our leaders and Delia for dinner. The kids are excited. Hope to squeeze in a leadership message in the midst of the festivities. (Here's some of our party guests)

We are going to visit old friends on Friday night. Sunday is going to be the fifteenth and last day of Lunar New Year celebration.


theholychild said...

It was a great sermon last week, Pastor! Thanks! It is really great how God placed us with events to develop fellowship and show our love out of the heart...
Recently seeking God to find ways on how to be simple... recently He told me to be simple...hmm haha but I dunno how to go about it...
Thats it! Take care!

hi said...

wow.glad that you recovered fast from the elbow and bum thingy!

ben kc lee said...

thanks holychild for your encouragement. did a sermon on simplicity in 98 based on Mat 6:25-33. one principle is simply live a life of joyful unconcern for possessions. another is simply live for the Kingdom.

thanks stephen. i'm also glad to have recovered.