Friday, January 20, 2006

First Chill

Our first leaders huddle was on 11th Jan. (It was also Jeff and Claudia's wedding anniversary.) Being the first huddle of the year, we explored global missions. Our evening went very well. The next day was a breakfast meeting with four local pastor friends.

Friday was a real treat. Thuan Seng called and the break through news truly made my day. Can't wait to share this with the church. To top it off Kam did a great job at staff devotion. Liked what he said about 'praying the price'. Saturday was wedding celebrations for Soo Guan and Karen. Dinah and I are so glad for them. Sunday was the first team rally of 2006. We gave thanks for last quarter and had our first-ever fire drill. Then Dinah and I had afternoon tea with Julian and Serene. It's their wedding anniversary.

Monday was leaders' conference across the causeway. Enjoyed catching up with overseas pastor friends. But I awoke on Tues with my first chill of the year. It's my third time in this hotel and I get a cold each time I'm here. It's becoming a tradition! Why are Malaysian hotels so cold? Why am I so prone to cold hotels?

It was so nice of Denis to lend me his only jacket and Lean Choo who brought honey lemon drinks. Managed to contain the cold to preach on Thursday. I got home late Thurs just in time to kiss our twins good night. (Thursday was also Mike and Lean Choo's wedding anniversary.) Friday was back to office catching up with staff and various church matters.

Things are picking up fast in the first month of the year. Looks like it's going to be another fast paced ministry year in 2006.


theholychild said...

Haha its really nice to have first times...first time events are always so interesting so exciting as we really do not know what God has plan for time to come we can also try out more such events...

Hmm its nice to hear Ps Jeff's and Sis Claudia's annivesary is near!!! Happy Anniversary to them!!!

How about yours and Ps Dinah's? Perhaps I can send an e-card to you on this day God set apart for both of you?

Looking forward to learn from you in the coming services!

Lester, Nyp Unit

ben kc lee said...

Lester, that's so true about first things. Thanks for your wishes on behalf of the Chongs. I also look forward to seeing you in the coming weekends.

Our wedding anniversary? Check this out...