Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Wednesday

Wednesday was the first day for our Staff Intern. Xue Ting is a third year accountancy student from Temasek Polytechnic. In fact her Polytechnic lecturer came to the church office last week. Xue Ting will be attached to Lean Choo, our church accountant for 11 weeks. Today I asked Xue Ting how she came to join our church. She told me her that her Chinese teacher in secondary four brought her to church in August 2002. Thank God for teachers.

Later that night Lawrence, Pat, Dinah and I brought Jeff and Claud out. We're having a belated birthday celebration for Jeff. He opted for Chomp Chomp and that's where we went. Lawrence and I've never eated so much cockles before. Then the birthday 'boy' suggested ice cream. We had nice ice cream. I guess this replaces the traditional birthday cake. Yes I ate too much (again). After this we went to fetch the kids from our sister's place.


Jonathan Chua said...

chomp chomp is seriously famous for its sambal stingray~!

Jiayin said...

Hi Ps Ben!

it's great reading your blog! (:

xueting is my shepherd! hahaa..
wonderful one too. =D

take care
and continue to impact more!

ben kc lee said...

Thanks for the tip hip-hop-rulez.

hi jiayin, thanks for saying hi.